• Kyle Lowry
    PG, Toronto Raptors

    Kyle Lowry came away with 19 points, four rebounds, eight assists, three steals and five 3-pointers but the Raptors took an L to the Wizards on Friday night.

    Lowry got it going from deep, hitting 5-of-8 on 3s. Inside the arc he struggled, making just 1-of-6 attempts, and turned the ball over far too often. Lowry gave the ball away five times as the Raptors turned it over 18 times to the Wizards’ 11. Washington was making all of the hustle plays and it just felt like a back-against-the-wall game from the Wizards so Lowry isn’t fully to blame for his sloppiness. For the Raptors to put this series away though, they’ll need more careful ball-handling and efficient mid-range pull-ups from their team leader.

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