• Kyle Lowry
    PG, Toronto Raptors

    Kyle Lowry was excellent in Wednesday’s overtime victory, picking up 15 points to go with seven rebounds, 15 assists, four steals, three triples and just one turnover in 41 minutes.

    Lowry hit 4-of-8 shots on the night but was a major catalyst in getting this game back to winnable territory after a listless first half. He put the team on his back early in the third quarter, erasing a 14-point halftime deficit by leading the charge in a 40-25 frame. Some Lowry’s assists were impossible passes through multiple layers of traffic but he got the team back from the edge before DeMar DeRozan put them over the hump. Lowry’s playing time and scoring may have dipped notably this year, but he’s still an early-round asset. 

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