• Kyrie Irving said that the rest of the NBA Finals are “definitely going to be a track meet,” on Saturday so expect the pace to ratchet up on Sunday in Game 2.

    While Iriving’s forecast seems like an inevitability given the quality of the offenses involved, the Cavs have a ton of work to do on the defensive end in this series and would do well to limit the Warriors in transition. Cleveland finished the regular season 16th in pace at just 98.5 so running and gunning might not be their strongest suit, and that’s to say nothing of the adverse effect that an up-and-down game could have on LeBron James’ legs. While Game 1 wasn’t played at any sort of breakneck pace, the Cavs’ 20 turnovers led to 27 fast break points for the Warriors. Golden State committed four turnovers and allowed nine fast break points, for comparison. A “track meet” doesn’t seem to help any of those matters so perhaps the Cavs try to slow things down a bit despite these comments.

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