• Dion Waiters
    SG, Los Angeles Lakers

    Throughout the Lakers’ scrimmages, Dion Waiters has showed his scoring and ball handling abilities, quickly establishing himself as one of the Lakers’ most important reserves.

    Alex Caruso is valuable with his defense and ability to succeed with LeBron James off the ball but he can’t create his own shot, while Rajon Rondo is one of the smartest players of his generation and is a quality facilitator but his defense has waned over the years. Waiters had a rocky start to the 2019-20 season, being suspended by the Heat multiple times, eventually getting traded in February to the Grizzlies who quickly waived him. For the Lakers to have a shot at the title, they need Waiters to be the primary initiator off the bench, a position he’s shown he’s capable of fulfilling, and let’s hope that the talented guard can maintain some consistency.

    Source: USA Today