• Larry Drew
    Team, Cleveland Cavaliers

    Larry Drew denied that he is the Cavs' interim coach, adding that he is the team's lead voice at the moment but that he wants some commitment from the organization before accepting the role.

    Drew has been a candidate in a few coaching searches recently and understandably wants some kind of commitment from the Cavs before he steps into this mess. Other organizations have shown a willingness to stick with coaches who work through lean years and get the most out of their players. Does Dan Gilbert seem like that kind of guy to you? Drew knows that accepting responsibility for this season could mean he hits the open market with an ugly track record thanks to a roster that he had no hand in crafting. He has limited leverage but is trying to use it before claiming that interim title even though the team has already given it to him. Fun times in Cleveland.

    Source: Joe Vardon on Twitter

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