• Larry Nance Jr. returned from his hand injury and started on Monday, scoring nine points with eight boards, four steals and a block.

    Nance should be picked up off all waivers now as he played 30 minutes in this game and gave owners those delicious defensive stats. He’s near the top-80 in value with his contributions in boards, percentages and steals and Coach Walton thrusting him in as a starter after a prolonged absence shows that the Lakers are committed to him. Kyle Kuzma scored 15 points with three 3-pointers on 5-of-7 shooting, but added little elsewhere while Julius Randle chipped in with 11 points and a block. Out of the three forwards, Nance is the player to own due to his consistency on the defensive end which will buoy his value on off nights, whereas Kuzma is reliant on having efficient shooting nights and Randle is also lacking in the peripherals.

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