• Larry Nance Jr.
    F, Cleveland Cavaliers

    Larry Nance Jr. was a key player in Thursday's Game 1, coming off the bench for nine points, 11 rebounds and a steal in 19 minutes.

    Even if Tristan Thompson isn't suspended, the Cavs could stand to give Nance more minutes. His athleticism is sorely needed and Ty Lue was a little shy about having Kevin Love on the floor late for understandable defensive reasons. He was shelved for a decent stretch in the playoffs, but the Cavs need Nance badly right now. They absolutely dominated the glass, with Nance picking up four of the team's 18 offensive rebounds and 11 of their 52 overall. Compared to four and 38 for the Warriors, respectively, that's one area where the Cavs have a decided advantage in this matchup.

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