• Lauri Markkanen
    PF, Chicago Bulls

    Lauri Markkanen had a bad night on Monday, scoring nine points on 4-of-9 shooting to go with six boards and two steals.

    His night wasn't necessarily bad because of his play, although there are always things to be desired when you go 0-for-3 from deep. He logged 25 minutes, Thaddeus Young (17 points, 8-of-14 shooting with two boards, one assist and one triple) played 24 and Luke Kornet (zero points, five boards and one block) played 22. Out of all of these players, Markkanen had the best plus-minus so it's a bit baffling to see him play so little in a game that was relatively close. The Bulls situation is a bit messy, but Markkanen should push for mid-round value so you can send a buy-low offer after tonight without being laughed at.