• LeBron James
    G/F, Cleveland Cavaliers

    According to Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal, LeBron James has previously stated that he doesn't like Houston as a city.

    "I heard this from his own lips when we were in Houston this season. He does not like Houston as a city. So, that would require him moving to a place that he’s not crazy about," Marla said while being interviewed on ESPNLA radio. Although James may not like the city, the team is currently the closest to beating the Warriors after taking them to seven games in the Western Conference Finals. The NBA's best player could also join the Boston Celtics who are arguably the next best option to beat the Warriors. Dwayne Wade mentioned James could make his pick based on lifestyle and family vs. pure winning chances which would likely knock the Rockets out of the race if that's the case.

    Source: ESPN.com

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