• Lou Williams
    PG/SG, Los Angeles Clippers

    Lou Williams won't play on Wednesday against the Lakers due to an ankle injury.

    Williams finishes his 2017-2018 campaign as a top-30 player in total stats thanks to outstanding durability with 79 games played. The Clippers acquired Williams before the season in the Chris Paul trade to the Rockets. Thanks to some midseason injuries to the Clippers backcourt the veteran dropped three 40-point games and a 50-point game. Not long after the Clippers signed him to a 3-year contract extension at $7 million a year. The 31-year-old actually dropped off quite a bit towards the end of the season as the Clippers got healthy and was actually outside the top-100 per-game over his last 27 games even when playing 33.4 minutes per game during that stretch. So Sweet Lou's top-50 per game numbers are a bit skewed due to the amount of injuries the Clippers incurred. Don't take him too early next season or you may be disappointed.

    Source: Brad Turner on Twitter

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