• Zach LaVine
    G, Chicago Bulls

    In a recent article, the inimitable Zach Lowe of ESPN noted that the Bulls have instituted San Antonio’s offensive ‘half-second’ rule, meaning that a player will have a maximum of .5 seconds holding the ball before passing, shooting or driving.

    Lowe also mentioned that since the Bulls lack a true superstar, they’ll have to use better ball movement and spacing to get the kind of quality looks a superstar could generate on his own, adding the coach Hoiberg will run lots of ‘prelude screening action’ before the real action starts. Lowe projects the Bulls to be at least league average on offense and speeding up the pace and disallowing extended iso-ball from Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and Jabari Parker will certainly help.

    Source: ESPN.com

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