• Kawhi Leonard
    F, San Antonio Spurs

    On The Lowe Post podcast, ESPN's Zach Lowe said that LeBron James opting out of his contract gives more leverage to the Lakers in a prospective trade for Kawhi Leonard.

    Lowe opined: "the Lakers, for whatever reason, clearly didn't put their best chips onto the table, kind of called the Spurs' bluff and then LeBron opted out and he can walk into their cap space, so I think the Spurs' leverage has been chipped away a little bit." Lowe continued by commenting on Boston or Philly's reluctancy to trade for Kawhi without seeing his medical reports. Woj agreed and replied "this works in Kawhi's favor to get to L.A., you just said it." Zach and Woj's comments sum it up: as it stands, it looks like Kawhi and LeBron might be joining forces with the Lakers.

    Source: The Lowe Post Podcast