• Luka Doncic
    G/F, Dallas Mavericks

    Luka Doncic led the way again in Wednesday's 122-119 win over the Pelicans, posting a team-high 21 points (5-of-13 shooting) to go with nine rebounds, 10 assists and a steal.

    Doncic went 11-of-12 from the line and only committed one turnover. That might not sound like a difference-maker but his 9-cat owners will assure you that it's quite huge. Doncic is a top-80 player (9-cat) on the season with 3.3 turnovers per night, but he's a top-50 option over the last two weeks with his turnovers down to 2.6 per contest in that span. There's certainly some confounding variables there given changes in his scoring, assists and free throw shooting, but fewer turnovers is always better. Doncic is at just 1.8 per game in his last five and looks pretty phenomenal every night. Enjoy the show.

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