• Manu Ginobili
    G, San Antonio Spurs

    In a column written for the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, Manu Ginobili specified that despite his retirement from basketball, he'll stay close to the Spurs during this season, trying to help his teammates somehow.

    "I was sure to make it clear to Pop that this is not a ‘goodbye, I'll see you,'" Ginobili also revealed that he expected "at all times" that the 2017-18 NBA season would be his last but he never said it publicly because he didn't want to limit his options. Ginobili turned 41 on July 28 and took careful consideration in coming to his decision. It’s good to see him stick around but this was never in question as his entire career is the epitome of the “Spurs’ way”.

    Source: ESPN

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