• Marc Gasol
    C, Memphis Grizzlies

    Marc Gasol will sit out Wednesday's season finale.

    The team is listing rest as the reason, but nobody's that naive. While it doesn't quite feel like it given all of the recent absences, Gasol wound up playing in 73 games this season and remained an early-round player despite a huge dip in his field goal percentage. His career-worst .420 from the field was driven by an increase in 3-point volume with a drop in 3-point efficiency, and that's just the price to pay for a big man stretching the floor even semi-capably — he's going to get the green light to fire away. That goes doubly for a player of Gasol's talent on a roster without much support. Per-game, he finished as a top-40 player and Gasol scratched off top-30/35 guy on the full season. Not too bad all things considered, though the journey was much less enjoyable than it has been in past years.

    Source: Grizzlies PR on Twitter