• Marcin Gortat continued his disappointing second half while Ian Mahinmi continued to assert himself on Saturday as each scored 11 points in a home loss.

    Gortat played 29 minutes whereas Mahinmi got 19, though their production was pretty similar. The Polish Hammer shot 4-of-7 with 11 rebounds, two assists and a block while the big Frenchman added nine rebounds, two steals and a block on a perfect 4-of-4 mark from the field. Gortat had a very strong first half but has been steadily hemorrhaging value since Mahinmi returned to a serious role. He’s been well below the cut line for awhile and hopefully didn’t tank your season. As the starter, he remains the preferred option of the two but we could be looking at a pretty even timeshare over the last two games. A healthy Mahinmi certainly throws a wrench into next year’s outlook as well since the top-85 season-long value really masks Gortat’s awful final months.

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