• Mario Hezonja
    SF/PF, Orlando Magic

    Magic coach Frank Vogel said today that he intends to bring Mario Hezonja off of the bench but wants to keep playing him a lot of minutes so he stays in a good rhythm.

    With both Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic returning to the starting lineup tonight, it is very encouraging for Hezonja owners that Vogel wants to make sure Hezonja gets his playing time and stays in rhythm. Hezonja has been returning fourth round value over the last month and second round value over the last two weeks. There is an obvious expected falloff with both Gordon and Vucevic back, but owners should not worry too much. As a guy that helps almost across the board, Hezonja should be just fine to continue and produce mid round value if Vogel stays true to his word.

    Source: John Denton on Twitter

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