• Marvin Bagley III
    PF, Sacramento Kings

    Marvin Bagley and Richaun Holmes each received 22 minutes in Tuesday's loss, with Bagley producing 14 points, seven rebounds and a 3-pointer while Holmes tallied 11 points, five rebounds, two steals and three blocks.

    The Kings seem intent on forcing Bagley into center minutes — Nemanja Bjelica played 30 minutes while Harrison Barnes got 37 — and that could spell long-term trouble for both he and Holmes. It should also be noted that Holmes did pick up four fouls in this one, which likely played a part in the split. It's beyond clear that Holmes' impactful play lifted the Kings out of their early rut, and he needs playing time. The worry is that Sacramento doubles down on their Bagley pick and force-feeds him work. Until they realize that a Bagley-Holmes frontcourt is what's best for business, expect some frustrating fantasy nights here. Both are holds and buy-low players, though you're staking a lot on the Kings figuring things out, which is not a comfortable station in life.