• In Thursday’s game against the Lakers, Mason Plumlee made 6-of-7 shots for 15 points, seven rebounds, five assists, a block and a steal. Maurice Harkless had only nine points and six rebounds but chipped in three blocks, a steal and a three as well.

    Although both players have always had potential, many fantasy owners left them completely off their radars to start the season. Savvy owners were able to sneak them onto their teams with late round picks or as free agent pickups. Both have easily produced top-100 value. The Blazers have struggled getting wins like they did last year when they clinched the fifth best record in the West, but Damian Lillard said he feels the Blazers are finally “Turning that corner and understanding what gives us a chance to win games.” Despite only 4.5 games separating the 8-15 teams in the west, the Blazers are likely to go on a run at some point and come out on top and they need Harkless and Plumlee to continue playing at high levels to do so. Fantasy owners should enjoy this type of production from them the rest of the way.

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