• Dzanan Musa
    F, Brooklyn Nets

    Dzanan Musa says he has added seven kilograms – about 15.4 pounds – since the NBA Draft and is up to 211 pounds.

    "As far as my physical predisposition is concerned, no one has to worry, I have put on seven kilograms in a 25-day period so I do not have to have any disadvantages by the start of the season, and I will try to give my team immediate input." Musa's confidence is apparent in his game. He is not afraid of any shot and his confidence may allow him to make an impact as a rookie. He's not expected to have a role large enough to make a fantasy impact to start his career, but if he impresses, he will fit right in with the Nets' face-paced offense.

    Source: NetsDaily.com

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