• Milos Teodosic
    G, Los Angeles Clippers

    Milos Teodosic has hinted that he could return to Europe before the current NBA season ends.

    "I think I definitely won’t stay here because… I came, I saw how it looks and somehow… I enjoy more and it’s nicer for me to play in Europe. So, I will return to Europe for sure, will it be during this season or at the end, we’ll see." Teodosic was dogged by foot injuries in his first NBA season and hasn't really been in the rotation this year. The Clippers were rumored to be moving on from him last summer but changed their mind at the last second, and now Teodosic is understandably unhappy with his lack of playing time. He'll draw huge interest frorm EuroLeague teams.

    Source: EuroHoops.net

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