• Adam Silver
    Commissioner, Invalid Team

    ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the NBA board of governors is expected to pass rule changes for next season including resetting the shot clock after an offensive rebound to 14 seconds from 24, simplifying the clear-path foul rule and expanding the definition of the “hostile act” to more easily trigger instant replay.

    These changes were unanimously recommended by the NBA’s competition committee and the board of governors will tender a vote in a Sept. 20-21 meeting. The board needs a two-thirds majority to pass the legislation. The NBA thinks that the resetting of the shot clock to 14 seconds after offensive rebounds will increase shot attempts, especially at the end of close games (they have studied FIBA’s implementation of the rule in 2014, as well as its use in G League, WNBA and NBA summer league games). The simplification of the clear-path rule is to essentially codify additional rules to make such violations less subject to judgement calls from officials. Finally, expanding the definition of a “hostile act” to trigger instant replay would now extend beyond interaction with another player to also include interactions with a referee, coach or a fan.

    Source: ESPN

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