• Nemanja Bjelica
    F, Sacramento Kings

    Nemanja Bjelica made starts, fell out of the rotation and experienced everything in between this season and was able to post top-140/115 per-game value.

    Bjelica put up career-highs in terms of games (77) and starts (70), as well as minutes (23.2), points (9.6), rebounds (5.8), assists (1.9), blocks (0.7), 3-pointers (1.3) and field goal percentage (.479). His 0.7 steals per game tied his previous best, too. There were stretches where his defense was unforgivable but the Kings needed a little help in the spacing department and Bjelica gave it to them. His hot and cold streaks meant that he wasn't on rosters from wire to wire, but he did finish as a top-100/90 player in total value. We'll see what happens next year as Sacramento changes their coach yet again, not to mention the continued improvement of the team's younger frontcourt players.

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