• Nerlens Noel
    PF/C, Dallas Mavericks

    Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said Nerlens Noel should return soon with a possibility of Friday, but no guarantees.

    It was also noted that Noel will wear a playing splint when he does return. Noel has only played in 18 games thus far while only averaging 12.5 minutes in those games. We know what Noel brings to the table so now it is just about if he will get the minutes to rack up enough stats. If you need blocks, steals, and rebounding then Noel is definitely worth a look when he returns, and even if not keep him on your radar. His defensive talent is legit, but with outspoken tanking, the Mavericks might want to be extra cautious with Noel.

    Source: Eddie Sefko on Twitter

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