• Serge Ibaka
    F/C, Toronto Raptors

    Raptors coach Nick Nurse said, "not to me it's not" when asked whether having a set starting five was important.

    Nurse added that we'll probably see some "real differences" for Tuesday's preseason game against the Jazz. The Raptors started Kyle Lowry, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, C.J. Miles and Serge Ibaka on Saturday but Jonas Valanciunas and OG Anunoby will definitely factor in sooner rather than later. It's something that Nurse will likely carry into the regular season, saying "Communication is always important. Practicing is important as well, and I'm doing it right now, I'm trying to get them prepared for it in preseason." If the Raptors do use their elite depth to mix and match lineups depending on matchups it could be good news for everyone in the long run. Ibaka was thought to be the guy moving to the bench this season but Toronto's flexibility should allow everyone to play in beneficial situations. Lowry and Leonard might be the only two full-time starters.

    Source: Raptors.com

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