• Nikola Mirotic
    PF, New Orleans Pelicans

    Nikola Mirotic returned from a one-game absence on Tuesday night but the day off did him no good as he posted two points and four rebounds in 20 minutes while shooting 1-for-6.

    It was thought that the hip injury was the source of Mirotic's recent struggles, and if that's the case then he needed more than one game on the sidelines. Odds are it's a mixture of him playing at less than 100 percent and some simple regression after his torrid stretch earlier in the year. Either way, Niko has abandoned owners for the stretch run and those of you in H2H playoffs might be forced to consider a drop. There may not be enough time left in the season to wait for a turnaround, though he could snap out of things quickly and return to early-round form. It's a tough call and your decision will hinge on how comfortable your matchup is looking.

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