• Noah Vonleh
    PF, Chicago Bulls

    Noah Vonleh was back at the starting power forward spot on Saturday and produced 12 points, six rebounds, three steals and a 3-pointer in 25 minutes against the Pistons.

    The wind was sucked from Vonleh's sails when Lauri Markkanen suited up last night, and while he's no lock to play in every game going forward it certainly looks like Vonleh will be relegated to sporadic spot starts. He could be a decent rebounding threat with the propensity to chip in some extras like he did tonight, but for the most part Vonleh isn't worth using outside of very deep formats unless you know ahead of time that he'll be starting. If nothing else, he was better than Bobby Portis (10-4-4 with a steal) tonight and they split minutes equally.

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