• LeBron James
    F, Los Angeles Lakers

    The 2018-19 Lakers roster ranks as one of the weakest teams assembled around LeBron James since his rookie season 16 years ago.

    Win Shares per 48 minutes is a metric that attempts to give players credit for how much they each contributed to a win. WS/48 has an average of about .100, and LeBron had at least three teammates above .100 each season he advanced to the playoffs and five teammates above that mark during his NBA Finals appearances with the Heat and the Cavs. This season however, out of his teammates who played in at least 40 games, only Javale McGee and Tyson Chandler broke that mark, while most of them saw their contributions decrease. The questions about the roster construction were there since the beginning of the year and the advanced stats seem to validate the lack of talent around LeBron but we shouldn’t underestimate the Anthony Davis drama that torpedoed the team’s locker room chemistry in the middle of the season.

    Source: LA Times