• Pacers’ GM Kevin Pritchard said that Myles Turner needs to get a post game to counter smaller players defending him on switches.

    “(Myles Turner) has to get a post game, because they’re switching and putting smaller guys on him. And he knows that,” Pritchard said. Any developments to open up Turner’s game would be encouraging, as he seemed to have plateaued a bit this year after breaking out last season. Turner has also dealt with injuries, which is the key issue for returning value the rest of the way. Unrelated, but from the same article, Pritchard mentioned that the Pacers take photos of the players on the bench to see how they react when they’re winning or losing, after getting pulled, etc. He wants to see who is engaged and who mentally checks out. In a league where everyone is trying to find an edge, Pritchard seems to delving into the psychological arena to find his.

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