• Domantas Sabonis
    C/F, Indiana Pacers

    Nate McMillan isn't planning on pairing Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis together a lot in the regular season, saying "That lineup is not really a strength of ours when teams are playing small basketball."

    McMillan went on to add, We can play that lineup some when teams have bigger (lineups) out there and we're able to match up with those teams. But that hasn't been a strong combination when those two have been out on the floor. You have two centers and one of them is trying to play the four spot." It means that Turner and Sabonis are likely locked into some sort of timeshare, though it is generally wise for the Pacers not to pigeonhole one of the duo into a position they aren't build for — remember Sabonis in OKC? Turner is an early-middle round pick with bounceback potential while Sabonis should still be a nightly double-double threat off the bench. It's not crazy to think that Sabonis can play his way into more and more of Turner's minutes this year, but both guys shouldn't have issues returning standard league value.

    Source: Pacers.com

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