• Paul George and Gordon Hayward were not selected to the All-NBA teams on Thursday.

    No All-NBA for Hayward and George mean they are ineligible the NBA super-max contract option which slightly dampens each team’s hopes in keeping their franchise players. This has been a big point of contention in Indiana and Utah whose stars have options to leave their teams this summer and next. Gordon Hayward will definitely be sought after by teams such as the Boston Celtics but is likely to remain in Utah regardless of the absence of a super-max salary. PG-13 is a different story as many in Indiana were praying he would be eligible for the super-max so that they could force George to choose between heading to the Lakers and staying with the Pacers while collecting a boatload of extra cash that the Lakers are unable to match. This summer is shaping up to be an interesting one regarding player movement.


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