• Paul George
    F, Oklahoma City Thunder

    Paul George admitted he has been playing through a nerve issue in his foot called peroneal nerve palsy or more commonly known as "dead foot."

    George said the injury took place back during the third preseason game, but doesn't cause him any serious pain. “I’m just trying to play through that,” George told reporters. “It’s nothing that’s major. It’s nothing that’s going to hurt me. It’s just something that’s going to come back when it feels right I guess.” The injury is described to cause a numbness in the feet, ankles and legs giving them the "falling asleep" feeling. George has been playing great this season, but did struggle with his shot last night versus the Hornets and this may be the reason why. It sounds like the nerve issue will not be a big problem, but on nights that it flares up we could continue to see George struggle.

    Source: Cassandra Negley

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