• Paul Millsap
    PF, Denver Nuggets

    Paul Millsap made a nice impact in his first game back on Tuesday, a 122-120 loss to the Clippers, posting nine points, seven rebounds, two assists, one steal, two blocks and a 3-pointer in 23 minutes.

    Most players who miss 44 games don’t jump right back into mid-20s minutes, but then again most players aren’t Paul Millsap. He may come off the bench for a few more games while he shakes off the rust but looked pretty good tonight, so things should be back to normal by next week if fantasy owners are lucky. Millsap’s well-rounded lines make him a consistent presence in fantasy’s early rounds and anyone who held onto him that’s still in position to make a playoff run just got a huge boost. He’s sitting just outside the top-80 this season (per-game value) but you can bet he’ll put together a nice surge in short order.

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