• Tyson Chandler piled up 14 points, nine rebounds and one steal while Alex Len finished with five points, 12 rebounds, and two blocks in the Suns’ 24-point loss to the Pelicans on Friday night.

    Len’s rebounding continues to impress and Tyson Chandler’s minutes remain in the high 20’s while Greg Monroe played only 12 minutes in the game against the Pels. Despite Len’s play and Chandler’s guaranteed production, Greg Monroe and Marquese Chriss need to be held onto right now. Monroe (no points, four rebounds, one assist Friday night) just needs time and he should eventually steal some of Chandler’s production. And the stat set is there for Chriss (two points, four rebounds, one block Friday night) to break out, he’s just struggling right now. Don’t give up on this pair of Suns’ big men.

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