• Rajon Rondo
    G, New Orleans Pelicans

    Rajon Rondo played just 21 minutes on Tuesday, posting seven points, seven assists and three steals in a season-ending loss to the Warriors.

    The Pelicans simply needed more from their secondary pieces, as Nikola Mirotic was a slow starter in this one and only finished with 12 points, seven rebounds and three triples. While Rondo has his occasional moment of brilliance, his presence on the court allows teams to double up New Orleans' stars and send extra pressure as they're content to let him fire away. It was an encouraging season overall for the Pelicans but there's still work to be done if they fancy themselves true contenders in the future. Rondo was apparently limited by a groin injury in this one as well, which helps explains the low minutes.

    Source: Pelicans on Twitter