• Rajon Rondo came back from his hand injury to play 20 minutes in a Wednesday start, posting 10 points, six rebounds, five assists, a steal and two threes.

    Rondo performed very well considering the uncertain circumstances headed into this one. He had an awful mid-year lull in which he got bounced from the rotation but came back when it mattered most with some huge games down the stretch. The man he supplanted in the starting five tonight, Jerian Grant, finished with 5-6-2 and two steals in 22 minutes. We’ll see how this position shakes out next year with plenty of moves sure to come in Chicago. In 68 games played, Rondo finished as a top-100/130 per-game guy and is about the same in terms of total value. Turnovers are clearly a bugaboo, and that probably won’t change next season.

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