• Kyrie Irving
    G, Boston Celtics

    Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports said on a podcast that the Celtics are scared of Kyrie Irving leaving in the summer of 2019.

    Irving can opt out of his deal after next season and while the Celtics can still give him a supermax deal, it's possible that he's looking for something different. Mannix added that Irving told former Cavs personnel of his desire to play for the Knicks, which throws a fun wrinkle into the conversation. It might be tough for Kyrie to abandon a Celtics team that looks like one of the league's top-tier contenders to head to the Knicks, but it's his prerogative. For now we're not putting a ton of stock into Irving leaving but it's something to keep in mind as next season unfolds.

    Source: Yahoo Sports NBA Podcast with Chris Mannix

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