• Kawhi Leonard
    F, San Antonio Spurs

    While all the talk remains focused on the Lakers, ESPN's Chris Haynes is reporting that the Clippers remain active in trying to trade for Kawhi Leonard.

    Leonard wants to play for his home town, and while he's obviously got eyes for Purple and Gold the Clippers might be an amenable one-year solution for both him and the Spurs, who to this point have been reluctant to indulge the Lakers in trade talks. Who knows — if the Clippers can somehow pull this off, they could conceivably convince him to stay. The Paul George re-signing just happened, after all. In early rumors it's been Tobias Harris as the centerpiece in L.A.'s trade package but we'll probably hear more names tossed about as the league settles down over the next few days.

    Source: Chris Haynes on Twitter

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