• Chandler Parsons
    F, Memphis Grizzlies

    The Grizzlies have floated the idea of trading the No. 4 pick in the draft if Chandler Parsons goes with it and have received "significant trade interest" so far.

    The Grizz are receiving more calls than they're making, so it looks like a seller's market in this case. There's a ton of variability in the draft outside of DeAndre Ayton right now so anyone who is intrigued by Luka Doncic, Mo Bamba, Marvin Bagley, Michael Porter Jr. or Jaren Jackson Jr. could be willing to absorb Parsons' ugly contract to get the prospect they really want. With a lengthy list of names up for grabs at the No. 4 spot, perhaps Memphis feels they can still grab a top player by moving down a few spots while gaining some financial flexibility and other futures in the process. They are trying to remain high in the lottery, however, which would limit their trading partners significantly. The Grizzlies are definitely a team to watch heading into Thursday.

    Source: Marc Stein on Twitter

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