• Dennis Schroder
    G, Atlanta Hawks

    The Hawks have been trying to trade Schroder for weeks, but haven’t found much of a market for him.

    Schroder will make $15.5 million next season and no team looks eager to use $29 million of cap space on point guards. Moreover, his poor 3-point shooting and atrocious defense last season hurt his trade value but not as much as his legal troubles (misdemeanor battery charges). Internally, Hawks' officials have expressed confidence that Schroder won’t end up in jail but other teams apparently aren’t so sure and thus are reluctant to give up much in a trade for the German point guard. Hawks’ GM Travis Schlenk will likley have a hard time finding a good deal for Schroder so long as his legal case is pending while the team decreased their leverage by acquiring Jeremy Lin since now, trade partners know that the Hawks must shed Schroder before the start of the season.

    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution