• Pat Riley
    Team, Miami Heat

    According to an official with a Western Conference team that has spoken to the Heat, Miami hasn’t been trying to acquire a first round pick but seems to have interest in possibly acquiring a second rounder.

    The Heat will enter this year’s NBA Draft without a pick and with limitations about how they can trade or acquire future picks. Miami’s first-round pick was dealt to the Suns as part of the Goran Dragic deal, while their second-round pick was dealt back in 2016 as part of purging Chris Anderson’s contract and clearing some much needed cap space. If the Heat wants to acquire a second-round pick for cash, there are some limitations as, because of the $5.1 million that was sent along with Josh McRoberts to the Mavs in another cap-clearing trade last July, the Heat can agree to buy a second-round pick the night of the draft but not complete the trade until July 6th, once the new calendar year begins.

    Source: Miami Herald