• Marc Gasol
    C, Memphis Grizzlies

    According to Kevin O'Connor from The Ringer, the Pistons and Kings have expressed interest in acquiring Marc Gasol.

    It's rare that a center of Gasol's all-around talents even comes around, let alone becomes a potential acquisition, so teams will be throwing their hats in the ring even as he's in decline in his age-33 season. The Grizzlies would like to attach Chandler Parsons' bloated contract to Gasol, but that could be a tough sell. The Kings would need to determine whether Gasol's slower game fits with their young speedsters while the Pistons would almost certainly be swapping Andre Drummond for an older, albeit more effective, alternative. Neither is a perfect fit but Gasol isn't at risk of losing much fantasy value in a deal — he'll be a centerpiece of whatever team he's on.

    Source: The Ringer

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