• Luka Doncic
    G, Sacramento Kings

    Michael Wallace of Grizzlies.com “is hearing” that the Kings will gladly take whoever the Suns leave on the board after Luka Doncic or DeAndre Ayton becomes the No. 1 overall pick.

    This is really just speculation and it shouldn’t come out as a surprise as most teams have those two in the first couple slots on the board. The Kings made the biggest leap jumping from the sixth spot, which they shared with the Bulls, all the way to No. 2. Doncic would fit well as a second playmaker playing the three, with D’Aaron Fox at the point and Bogdan Bogdanovic as a shooter at the two guard while Ayton could be the dominant presence inside the box that the Kings have been missing since DeMarcus Cousins’ departure.

    Source: Michael Wallace on Twitter