• Zach LaVine
    SG, Chicago Bulls

    SNY's Ian Begley reports that the Knicks and Nets are among the teams that have done background work on a potential Zach LaVine trade.

    To be clear, this is in preparation for the scenario where LaVine makes it clear to the Bulls that he's not happy with the team and would not re-sign. If it becomes public that LaVine would prefer a trade, expect a long line of teams to form with trade offers. We're a long ways off from any of that happening, but the new front office in Chicago is going to have to show progress or risk losing its young star. As for the Knicks, they're loaded with first-round picks and are desperate to attract star-level talent, so it's not surprising that they'd be turning over every rock in search of a player like LaVine. Brooklyn's situation would be far more complex, as a top-heavy roster might not leave them with enough to trade for an All-Star caliber guy. Expect the rumor mill to heat up if the Bulls still look lost next season.

    Source: SNY