• Frustrated by “what he perceives as the dysfunction and drama surrounding the organization,” Kristaps Porzingis reportedly skipped his exit meeting with the team, per ESPN’s Ian Begley.

    The hits keep coming for New York, as this dropped just hours after Phil Jackson’s hilariously stupid public comments about the team’s relationship with Carmelo Anthony. While it certainly seems like Jackson is trying to force Melo out of town, it appears all these shenanigans are wearing on New York’s actual franchise player. While he’s likely to accept a max deal from the Knicks, maybe he’d be willing to accept a lesser max offer to get out of the circus when the time comes. The alternative is that KP outlasts Jackson and the Knicks only squander two more years of one of basketball’s most unique talents. If Anthony is moved, the on-court reigns will be firmly in the hands of Porzingis. That should be good for his fantasy value and the Knicks as a team – maybe they won’t shut him down if they’re half decent next season. He remains a safe early-round selection, regardless of the off-court nonsense.

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