• Kristaps Porzingis
    F/C, New York Knicks

    ESPN is reporting that Kristaps Porzingis would be very reluctant to agree to a sign-and-trade this summer.

    This, of course, comes up because the Knicks intend to get into the Anthony Davis business. Porzingis may not play at all this season as he recovers from a left ACL tear but he might be the best single asset available to the Pelicans, assuming he returns to full strength. The Knicks could offer their first-round pick and Porzingis, as that would almost certainly get the job done for New Orleans. However, the Pelicans would likely want the top overall draft pick — something that the Knicks won't know that they have until the draft lottery, when Porzingis is a restricted free agent that would have to be moved in a sign-and-trade. With that notion even on the table, it's clear that teams will be pulling out all the stops to go after Davis.

    Source: ESPN

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