• Kawhi Leonard
    F, San Antonio Spurs

    The Lakers re-engaged the Spurs in talks about a potential Kawhi Leonard deal on Wednesday.

    The Spurs reportedly "shut the door" on L.A. the first time around and this is the first contact since then. It's now being reported that the Spurs would consider moving Leonard to any destination after earlier reports had them operating on an "anybody but L.A." basis and that the Lakers are facing mounting pressure to deal for Kawhi in an effort to help attract other top flight free agents, namely LeBron James. The Lakers have a lot of young pieces to trade so perhaps both sides can grit their teeth and find some middle ground. While the Lakers seem to have all the leverage with Leonard apparently telling other teams he'll just be a one-year rental, the Spurs also know that L.A.'s hopes of landing James might depend on this potential deal. It'll be an interesting game of chicken with LeBron reportedly hoping to come to a quick decision.

    Source: Ramona Shelburne on Twitter