• LeBron James
    G/F, Cleveland Cavaliers

    Sam Amick of USA Today speculates that LeBron James might not leave Cleveland if he "can’t find a co-star or two."

    And not just any co-star either, as Amick adds that LeBron will look for "an All-Star caliber/Hall of Fame-bound type supporting cast." That might be very, very tough to find as Amick outlines elsewhere in the article. With James seemingly sour on Houston (Amick adds to the recent reports there, calling LeBron to the Rockets "highly unlikely"), there might be little incentive for him to leave Cleveland considering his ties to the area, a market lacking in terms of teams who can offer up a cast of his caliber and the relatively easy pathway to the Finals he's found in the East. He'll have the rest of the league's big fish in a holding pattern until he makes a decision.

    Source: USA Today

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