• Kevin Pritchard
    Team, Indiana Pacers

    The Pacers are plotting a big showing in free agency in an effort to make them contenders in 2018-19, per a report from the Indianapolis Star.

    The Pacers head into free agency with $30 million in cap space. "Where we really get better is July 1,” Pritchard said. “I’m not saying we’re going to sign a guy. I think there could be uneven trades. A lot of things can happen with that." Indiana has a nice core developing but some changes could be coming — especially considering that Victor Oladipo's is the only contract currently on the books for 2019-20. Pritchard added, "It’s my job to add a few more players, a few more pieces that could help them get past the first round or at least get to the playoffs. … I wanted to have the flexibility to add a real player July 1." Thad Young might opt out this summer but has already said he'd like to stay in Indiana, though it's unclear if they view him as a true core piece. While this is all highly speculative at this point, expect the Pacers to be players in July.

    Source: Indianapolis Star

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