• Reggie Jackson
    G, Detroit Pistons

    Reggie Jackson says his ankle feels good after a summer in which he was limited to spending his time on rehabilitation concerns.

    Jackson didn’t spent any time on the basketball court but after a minor procedure, similar to what he did with his knee before, his right ankle finally feels back to form. “It actually feels good. I feel like I can cut again,” he said. “But it’s like night and day compared to last year. I think anybody who watched, I never looked right. I never ran right. It was just unfortunate that it wasn’t healed.” Jackson has been a limited participant in recent workouts with the team and he isn’t certain what, if any, restrictions will be placed on him during camp. He said he doesn’t anticipate feeling at a disadvantage because of the limitations he faced over the summer and that if the ankle continues to respond well as he works his way back to full clearance, he’s confident he’ll hit his stride with relative speed. It looks like, once again, it will be hard for owners to trust him, as he is clearly not 100 percent yet and his fantasy game has always had major loopholes with plenty of turnovers and ugly percentages.

    Source: Keith Langlois on Twitter

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